Throughout my 12 years of photographing families I've found that moments mean more than the perfect pose and that connection is everything. At the end of the day, family is all that matters.. Seeking to capture family stories is what fuels my desire to create, and the relationships I have with my clients seriously makes me emotional at times. I look back through the years in awe of their kids I've watched grow up, and can see the seasons of their lives so clearly. It's magic, and a true honor!

San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer


I’m Anne Daiva (Day-va) Kelly, nicknamed Annie Day. Mama to my 12 year old sprite of a daughter Allison Daiva (Allie Day), and wife to my quirky and creative writer of a husband Tom (plus mom to two fur children, Mochi and Felix), I am a Bay Area native – currently residing in the town of Fairfax in beautiful Marin County. Photography has been in my blood for decades, having learned to shoot on film and develop in the dark room. In fact one of my first jobs in the nineties was developing film at a portrait studio at the mall. They put me on the floor as a photographer one day to fill in for someone and I was awful. No one bought their pictures, and I swiftly got sent back to the darkroom. Ha! We all start somewhere.


My relationship with photography has evolved in countless ways over time. I've lost many people in my life including my folks in recent years, and I can tell you that there are no material items that mean as much as the photos I have of them. It has made the honor of being a photographer even more profound, and the journey these last few years has made me deeply aware how special it is to be a conduit for capturing the connection and sacredness of families and their stories.




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