A Birth Story

Music by Jónsi

There are few things in life that stop us in our tracks as much as the birth of our children. Time stands still. We could swear the world stops as our dreams and reality collide in a surreal, beautiful, magical moment. Finally meeting the tiny human you having been growing for near 10 months has got to be the most amazing thing a woman can experience. You did that. Yes, you. Powerful stuff. Hearing that first cry, kissing that fresh head of hair, looking into those little windows of eyes for the first time and holding that wee body next to your heart in the those first few minutes, makes all the pain that was just endured quickly fade away.

The journey into motherhood is a joyous, yet sometimes scary ride. Fear is no stranger to pregnancy and childbirth. I have not yet met a woman who has a child or is pregnant who has not questioned… well, just about everything. In a world full of opinions about the best way, the wrong way, the right way, the inundations of the this and the that that could go wrong, it’s no wonder we worry. Over the last few years of working with hundreds of families, doctors, nurses, midwives and doulas, and having gone through labor myself with my now 5 year old wee grommet, Allie, I have come to the conclusion that finding the right support for each pregnant mommy is paramount to feeling totally, 100%, unconditionally supported… in every way. I’ve had the great pleasure and opportunity to work with the amazing group of Doulas at Stork & Sprout and through this relationship have had the honor of photographing a birth for the very first time, almost exactly 5 years (by 1 day) after the birth of my daughter. The experience was stunning. I am still sitting in a space of complete awe. Observing and capturing the strength of a woman, being fully supported by her Husband and Doulas, was truly humbling. We are a powerful species. It is with much gratitude that I share with you this story…

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