A pinch of magic, a dash of vision and a splash of post-production!

SOOC! Most people probably haven’t heard this acronym, but photographers know it quite well – it stands for Straight Out Of the Camera. When you have a session with me, or any other professional, chances are you have to wait for your portraits. I know it’s hard to wait, but there is a really great reason. Maybe you heard me say to you at the end of our session about sending your gallery after I post-process and wondered what the heck I was talking about? If so, take a peek! The post-production that goes into each image is a combination of knowledge of the tools (photoshop, lightroom, etc)., the skills to use those tools, a vision, a keen awareness as to what kind of treatment is best for each individual photograph and last but certainly not least… TIME! If us photogs sent you a gallery of images straight out of the camera, you’ll get good pics, but they won’t be the best they could be. To achieve that rich, artistic, full of life and love image, chances are it is not straight out of the camera. Just as in the old skool days of dark room developing, most of us photogs now spend our time in a digital darkroom, still dodging, burning, saturating, sharpening, toning and that equals to a lot of time to make your portraits just right! Hope this was enlightening! See before and after samples below 🙂 Cheers! DFA



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