Lifestyle Newborn – Welcome!

Congratulations and thank you for choosing me to photograph the most fleeting stages of your child’s life. It is my hope that you will find this information helpful as you prepare for our session together. If you have any more questions, please reach out. Please note that newborn sessions are for immediate family, up to 6 people + pets. Please no visitors, as it’s highly distracting. You want to be able to be 100% present.

First things first, if you are about to give birth, don’t forget to add me to your list of people to notify of your child’s arrival. It is at that time we will decide on the day for your session. While I typically like to photograph newborns before 3 weeks old, please know that the right time is when YOU are ready. If it feels overwhelming, it’s okay to wait.

I always want to assure you that your little one’s needs comes first. Please know that there is no rush during the session, as I like to give special attention to each client and I never schedule two shoots on a newborn day. The session will be about and will revolve around your little one(s). I am patient and flexible and also a mom. There will be plenty of time for diaper changes, feedings and deep breaths – I will be capturing all of it. Also, it is okay if your baby cries. I will take photos between the tears… and of the tears.

For Lifestyle Newborn Sessions, please plan on at 1.5-3 hours (average 2). Your new baby’s needs are the main priority and because of this, we will take breaks as needed. For these sessions, I will come to your home where you are most comfortable and where your family’s story is. Lifestyle sessions do not include posed setups of baby and I do not come with props for this style of newborn shoot. We will do simple portraits of baby in an organic way, along with capturing the relationship between you all. While there will be some soft family posing and direction, it will be minimal – I will make suggestions to you about where to sit or stand to put you in the best light, and guide you to connect with hands / hugs, etc. I recommend having anything out that helps to tell the story of your baby at this time – swaddles you like, a favorite outfit, lovey (baby’s, or yours when you were a kid), special blanket that was knit by a family member, etc.

Do have the house warm before I arrive. Since newborns can’t regulate their body temperature yet, the combination of warmth and a full tummy is usually a great recipe for a calm and happy baby.


Neutral and earth palettes are gorgeous and lend themselves well to more organic and natural imagery – it is my preferred look, as I feel it photographs the most beautifully against newborn skin. Cream, gray, sage, rust, brown, white, rose, light blue, light pink, etc. Coordinating those tones help to create images that are truly timeless.

Basic Suggestions
– Simple is best
– Avoid really bold patterns. Simple patterns and textures are just fine.
– Keep things cohesive and complimentary, but don’t match exactly – consider what you two are wearing as one outfit.
– Stay away from black, red, magenta or any other very brightly colored tops.
– Jeans, yoga pants, flowing skirts look great. Think comfort, but feel beautiful.
– Stick to your personalities, consider what you and your partner/family are wearing as one cohesive unit – don’t match, but look at how the palette works together.
– Please remove large watches and stay away from very large jewelry. Simple jewelry is fine.
– Please pick out one outfit for baby that coordinates with your outfits. The rest of the time baby will be swaddled, in a diaper or a simple onesie.

For my examples, please check out my Pinterest board for the tones I feel work best for newborn sessions HERE

Some of my fave retailers:

Reverie Threads
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Chubby Bubbie Bear
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Styling Service
If you are just truly baffled and need some styling assistance, I’ve partnered with an incredible service called Style & Select! Simply go to the questionnaire and use your unique access code that I emailed to you (if you didn’t receive one, let me know) to begin styling your entire family from the comfort of your couch. No more running store to store and no more guessing! Fill out the simple Style Questionnaire about your family, color scheme you are wanting and the vibe of clothes you would like to see. The quick results page will show you photo-approved clothing pieces for each family member and you can view outfits side-by-side while favoriting items. Feel free to play around with it until you have selected the perfect outfit combo! Click the email button to send yourself the selected items or shop for the clothes right away by clicking the shopping cart buttons.
That’s it! Super easy right?


When I arrive in your home, the first thing I will do is look around.  We will use the rooms that have the best natural light. Depending on the weather and time of day, I may take some photos outside as well.  Also think of anything you’d like to document that tells the story of right now – giving the baby a bath, reading a favorite book to baby or older sibling or both, bottle feeding, rocking in the rocking chair, etc. Please let me know if you would like tasteful nursing shots. Many mothers like to have this for their own memories, and I promise to never share anything so personal on my website or social media outlets. They will be sent to you separate of your gallery so you can share your gallery with friends and family without those images in them.

Playing soft music can help bring a peaceful environment; therefore, it is encouraged to have music playing during your session. Please note, professional cameras are not permitted during our session, though feel free to take a few pics with your phone! I always love to see behind the scenes of me in action too, please send me any you take! 😉

Pacifier – The “soothie” pacifiers are highly recommended during the session.  These have been found to be the most effective in soothing and helping newborns to latch on easily.  Even if you aren’t thinking you will want to use a paci, I encourage you to have one at your session.  The short amount of time we will be using one should not affect any habit-forming behaviors for your baby. 

After the Session
2-3 weeks after our session I will contact you to let you know your photos are done. You will receive a link to a private online gallery that you can order professional prints directly from, download and share with friends and family. I also like to post a sneak peek or two on my Facebook and Instagram pages for you to share with friends and family, so if you aren’t already following me on there, please do! I can be found here: Anne Daiva on Facebook and Anne Daiva on Instagram

Thank you!
Seriously, thanks for choosing me for documenting your family. I am aware of all the choices you have out there, so I do appreciate your interest in working with me and it is my hope that you don’t just come away with beautiful portraits, but that you enjoyed your experience with me.