Dylan and Chloe. Belmont Newborn Photographer.

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Meet Chloe and her brand new baby brother, Dylan – aka, my newest friends. I am beside myself with how sweet and wonderful this family is, and it’s sessions such as this one that make me wonder how I got so lucky to be documenting people’s stories for a living. In session planning, I always ask if the parents if there is anything special they’d like to incorporate into some of the images. I come with props of my own, but they don’t always tell the story of the family like personal pieces do. In this case, Mom was born in Africa and had three truly incredible and special items she wanted incorporated. One was her kikoi (striped cotton cloth) that she herself was wrapped in as a toddler, second was a beautiful ceramic bowl that used to hold the fresh milk from the local cows that she drank when she was little, and lastly, one of her African baskets that is full of wonderful textures and colors. Dad is a surfer, so the obvious statement there was his surfboard – babies and surfboards? Of course they go together! Especially when Dad is involved. So incredibly sweet and symbolic. Not only was their session down to earth and lovely, but the imagery truly captures who they are and what they are about. This is probably the best session I’ve had that shows how successful using objects that mean something to the family can be, and I will reference it for others going forward.

And Chloe – Miss Chloe. She has to be the most articulate and wise 3 year old I have ever met. Already reading and fully engaged in the world and completely in love with her little brother. My time with her was so special. She completely lights up rooms and hearts! I loved reading with her, and also think she has amazing taste in dresses. Baby Dylan has got it made with such a unique and loving family. He himself is such a handsome little man who was so good for us. He let us wrap him in furry leopard blankets, put him in beautiful bowls and wrap him in mommy’s special kikoi, among so many other fun setups we did. I know in the future these images will mean a lot to him, and Mom and Dad, I hope they mean a lot to you. Thank you, friends, for the honor of being invited into your home to tell your story.

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