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Who are you? Do you truly know? Have you stepped into your own light and created yourself to be who you were truly meant to be? On the surface, it appears to me that Ms. Gina Perkins sure has – and on an intuitive level, I have absolutely no doubt that she has not only stepped into her own light, but that she has become a lighthouse for others – in more ways than one. I am humbled and honored to share Gina’s story.

Loving mommy and wife, steadfast daughter, the best friend you could ever have, inspiring and uber-talented writer, successful business owner, passionate nutrition coach and chef, green thumb extraordinaire, super crafty (puts all other birthday parties to shame), and not to mention she’s got mad style – I could go on. On paper Gina looks like a super woman, and she is. I’m not sure she’d describe herself that way, but I do know that she knows she has overcome a lot to get to where she is. While these descriptors are awesome and impressive, they are not what I want to focus on. It’s her fighting spirit and drive to figure out how to step into her own light that impresses me the most. I have watched her sift through the confusion of uncertainty of self, step up to the plate when asked to challenge herself, overcome paralyzing fears and step gracefully into a humbled and beautiful acceptance of who she is and who she is creating herself to be. It is in the observance of a human spirit such as hers that I am reminded of how powerful our species can be when we choose to step into that power. We all know that fear and doubt are the reason we don’t go after what we want. It’s a true journey to recognize this and say, “fear, I see you there, and know you are not real, now get out of my way!”. Okay, so that’s what I say in my mind, but I know we all have some variation on that theme. Not only has she encountered her fears and anxieties, but she has been so authentically honest about it all. Part of overcoming anything is to share in your vulnerabilities. This is truly one of her traits that I admire most. Her unabashed ability to be vulnerable and put herself out there. Her realness is one of her greatest virtues. You know her. She lets you.

When you get to a point in your life when you are genuinely happy in your own skin, you can’t help but shine that light. Things start to happen. The world becomes more beautiful. Life feels fuller. Opportunities arise. Love is abundant. Gratitude reigns. We absolutely get what we put out to the Universe, and Gina is beginning to reap the rewards of her efforts that she is putting in to herself, her passions and her life. She has become a role model to many and has stepped in to a place of knowing she can help others, she does make a difference, she is an amazing mommy, she can rock her business and she can share space with others who are on similar paths and inspire those who want to be. I know this, because I’m one – she’s inspiring me to take a closer look at myself and my fears and see where I’m holding myself back. It’s no secret that many of us do. So Gina, thank you. You are making a huge difference in the world, and your light is pouring out and sending ripples into our oceans, ponds, streams and lakes. YOU my friend, are a game changer.

To follow Gina’s writings and just plain outright be inspired, check out her blog here SAHMSTHEWORD
Gina has also been cast in the May 3rd performance of Listen To Your Mother, a series of live staged readings set to be held at the Brava Theatre in San Francisco. For show and ticket information, please visit the Listen To Your Mother website. It’s bound to be a magical evening!

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