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Hello, friends!! To say I’m excited about this event would be an understatement! I am incredibly honored to be shooting this event for a few reasons – one, I believe that every woman should have a STRONG solid head shot, that is not only professional in context to their career, but is authentic and real. It is my goal to coax this out of you, even in the short time we have with one another. It is more than possible! Two, in the same breath, I also believe that every woman should have a shot at being in business for THEMSELVES if that is what one should dream of. And because of this, I could not be more proud to partner with Lauren Kelly and Shana Hackworth in raising funds for Moms in Business Collective 2017 grant making efforts to support moms in our community who desire their own business but lack the access to funds to start or grow it. I was once that Mom who wanted her own business and didn’t even know where to begin. I struggled for years to try to make it happen, and alas, it was painful. I did it, but not without much self doubt and a lot of trial and error. This organization is a dream, and I am so proud to be able to help them help other women launch their businesses!

With that, let’s get to the nitty gritty. We’ll have 10 minutes together! This may not seem like a long time, but trust me, it’s plenty. We’re going after one solid shot and I will provide you several proofs to choose from. We can shoot indoors or out depending on your aesthetic and vibe (examples to come). But for now we are all about getting you down for your preferred time-slot. Whatever time slot you choose, please arrive 30 (thirty!) minutes ahead of time so you can have your time with Melissa Menzies for styling (we will be sending along wardrobe suggestions from her soon!), as well as have a glass of wine or Prosecco before we get to hang out. I will take down all of your information that day and will email you post-shoot with a proof gallery for you to choose your favorite. Your final favorite image will be sent to you artistically edited and lightly retouched, both in high res and web ready versions. Of course please stay after and enjoy some food and talk with others – network away. There is no rush out the door! You are welcome all afternoon – STYLING INFO BELOW and additional info below 🙂

The following time slots are available. If one is crossed out it has been taken. This is first come first serve, so please email me right away with your first three choices at

1:oo pm (arrive at 12:30) – Jennifer A.
1:15 pm (arrive at 12:45) – DeEtte
1:30 pm (arrive at 1:00) – Erin
1:45 pm (arrive at 1:15) – Alison
2:00 pm (arrive at 1:30) – Becket
2:15 pm (arrive at 1:45)  – Kyle
2:30 pm (arrive at 2:00) – Veronica
2:45 pm (arrive at 2:15) – Susan
3:00 pm (arrive at 2:30) – Heather
3:15 pm (arrive at 2:45) – Laura
3:30 pm (arrive at 3:00) – Arinn
3:45 pm (arrive at 3:15) – Jessica
4:00 pm (arrive at 3:30) – Misty
4:15 pm (arrive at 3:45) – Kirsten
4:30 pm (arrive at 4:00) – Jaymie
4:45 pm (arrive at 4:15) – Katy
5:00 pm (arrive at 4:30) – Katie C.
5:15 pm (arrive at 4:45) – Melissa
5:30 pm (arrive at 5:00) – Yolanda
5:45pm (arrive at 5:15) – Isobel



This is at Anne’s old family home at the following address:
2019 Arbor Ave.
Belmont, CA 94002
There should be plenty of driveway and street parking – if the driveway is free, or the street in front of the driveway is free, take it!

Please be prepared to partake in a beautiful Italian Picnic and chocolates from The Greedy Ant in Belmont, as well as the BEST organic (or as my husband would say, 2000 years of common sense farming) Mediterranean wines, Prosecco and Rosé from Small Vineyards – seriously a selection you don’t want to miss.

We HIGHLY suggest coming THIRTY minutes before your head shot time slot, but if you can, come even before that and stay after! We don’t want this to be just about one picture. We want this to be about making connections! So whether it’s before, or after your time slot, PLEASE STAY! Enjoy the food, the company, the experience. You never know who you might meet that could make a difference in your world. Or the wine that also might make a difference in your world, because that happens too! And I know where to get more. My husband is the importer!

We are so thrilled to have Melissa Menzies from Yummo Mummo to be with us on this inspired day! She is the reason we are asking you to show up at least THIRTY MINUTES before your time slot with Annie – please review your head shot time above and see the arrival time to ensure you are taken care of – it is imperative that we stick to the schedule. If you are late, you forego your time slot or eat into it – we need to keep things moving smoothly, so please allow yourself plenty of time for traffic and parking (and having a glass of wine and getting settled!) This should be fun, not rushed, and your head shots will show it if you feel one way or another.

Based on our recommendations below we highly suggest you bring a few options with you! Melissa will take a look at everything you bring and help you put together your best ensemble, accessories and help you freshen up your hair and makeup!! PLEASE NOTE! There are no make-up artists or hairstylists at this event. We highly encourage you to seek your own outside resources if you are looking something super polished. But rest assured that we will absolutely make you feel and look amazing, without hair and makeup pros and this is not a hindrance! Pro head shots do NOT require pro hair and makeup. Please read on for recommendations.

Melissa and I both have some thoughts we’d like to share on presenting your best self! Feel free to reach out to either of us for additional advice at or

A couple things before we start. Your career and desired aesthetic absolutely need to be taken into account. SAHMs, CEOs, Tech Execs, Scientists, Yoga Instructors, Musicians, Photographers, Teachers, Chefs, and all the other amazing career women out there… not all the same clothing / not all the same aesthetic! We have several backdrops around the home to shoot in front of (solid walls with natural window light, wood paneling, nature, trees, back light, stairs) – the tone of WHERE we shoot is as important as what you wear. So think about how you want yourself to be portrayed – what is PRO to YOU? What are YOU most comfortable in. Feeling comfortable and beautiful is important because how you feel will translate on film. So make sure it feels like you. I will work with you to move you around to two areas in or around the house that make the most sense for you and will show you pictures of background choices before we start. That said, here’s some suggestions for wardrobe –

Jewel tones – Jewel tones flatter most palettes! Think solid colors, burgundy, crimson, dark purple, Navy (a fave!), sapphire blue, turquoise, black. These colors work well for strong, pro business portraits – but if you are on the softer side and are striving for more organic, ethereal or natural shots – read on.

A neutral palette is gorgeous and lends well to more organic and natural imagery – Cream, gray, earthy green, brown, beige, white, rose, light blue, light pink, etc. Coordinating those tones help to create images that are truly timeless. Typically if a softer palette is sought after than textures here play well also – think cable knits, soft knits, mohair, etc.

Professional attire is definitely more versatile now than in years past, so depending on your trade and industry think of how you can weave your personality into your professional outfit.

Layers: Jackets, scarves, vests, hats! If layers are your thing bring them along and let’s play!

Accessories:  Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. Bring several choices!! Just please stay away from giant watches or very large necklaces, as I will ask you to remove them – our eyes will go straight to them, and not your amazing face and soulful eyes.

Make-up / Hair – We do suggest make-up for these sessions, but if it’s not normally your thing a little mascara, foundation, a bit of cheek color and lip-gloss goes a long way. For those that do their make-up regularly, do as your normally would, but stay away from anything that has excess shimmer in it – dewy and glowy is great, but sparkly does not show well in pictures. Please bring along what you normally use so that Melissa can help touch you up. Please clean and wash your hair and blow dry it out beforehand, and bring along any styling products you normally use – a brush, hair spray, de-frizz, etc.

What works
Coordinate your palette, try not to be monotone
Sticking to your personality (this will translate in your pictures if you feel yourselves!)
Layers (for diversity, interest and weather)

What to avoid
Logos on clothing
Small patterns – no Chevron stripes

Tops that show your bra-strap
No sleeveless
Clothes that are too tight – no gaping at the breast

Horizontal stripes
Florescent colors
Loud patterns
Contrasting patterns
Lots of red or magenta against your face

Pinterest Inspiration Boards
Please check out my PINTEREST page for Head Shot Inspiration

The Session Itself
10 minutes! It’s okay. I will help you to breath, I promise. I am familiar with this home and it’s various locations, and I am used to working with people to help them relax and find their balance. Again, our goal is ONE picture, and that is more than doable. There will be a combination of candid and posed, but don’t worry, I will guide you through it. There is no guess work. My flow is fairly organic in nature and I think on the spot – I’ve been doing this for years, so I hope you will trust me to help you find the best representation of you. And of course, I hope you enjoy the experience!!!

After the Session
5-7 business days
after our session I will send you a gallery of proofs – this is not for sharing, it is for you to choose the image you would like me to artistically edit. Your final images will be to you within 1 week following your favorite selection. Instructions will be sent to you in an email on how to choose. If you’d like more images than the one image this event comes with, you can purchase more upon review of your gallery. All additional income received will go to Moms in Business Collective. Please note that light retouching is included – I do not retouch to make anyone look unnatural. Typically light wrinkles are gently smoothed, but not eliminated. I do not edit out bra straps, tan lines, etc. Any high level retouching will be charged extra. If you have any questions, please reach out!

Thank you again so so much for being a part of this incredible benefit. This goes beyond just providing updated pro pictures for your life and career, which is super amazing in and of itself – this goes to helping other women go after their dreams… and well, that is something that I can get behind forever and ever and a bajillion percent, as I know you can too. So let’s all have a GREAT time, while supporting others in our community and creating! I for one, can’t wait. Thank you!!!

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